Assistance Service

Our service allows customers with one or more software licenses to take advantage of a fast and accurate support. Our business consultants, analysts and programmers are able to act very quickly to ensure the solution of every problem.

The software we are licensed are guaranteed for the duration of the contract and, therefore, if we can take charge defects and abnormalities of specific reports. Provided that the failure is attributable to objectively functional defects and is excluded from any responsibility. Otherwise the operation will be charged according to hours of intervention needed.

You have several options to apply for assistance, depending on the urgency or for your convenience.
Telephone contact at n. 035 260900 - 035 258999
Sending a fax at n. 035 4329647
Or send your request into the customers area.

Applications will be processed as quickly as possible. To ensure a priority service at 360 °, all software updates and other important benefits we announce our service and maintenance contract.