Plan & Rating


PLAN&RATING Is a software that allows you to make strategic choices, to modify them, to simulate them by verifying their impact on the company rating. This is a synthetic indicator, premonitor of an increase or a reduction in the default risk of the firm. The originality of the model, unique in its kind, consists in the faithful replication of the credit rating system (credit scoring) provided for in the Basel 2 Accord on Bank Deposits in respect of Customer Loans. This model, validated by Basel 2, is called FIRB (Foundation Internal Rating Based).

With PLAN&RATING It is possible to build an economic-financial forecast, an investment plan, or any other development strategy and to see them in a series of tables, but above all to check in the future what impact they can produce at the rating level and thus which risk for the company. This also opens up a new view in dealing with banks as it allows the company to have reasoned plans to present and so discuss convincingly the terms of the loans, enhancing its image and contractual capabilities.